MGM International
Multiplying Leaders for the Great Hispanic Harvest

Our Vision

Multiplying leaders for Christ in the Hispanic World


Recognizing the powerful working of God in the Hispanic world, the MGMI team of Spirit-led, biblically fundamental, Baptist missionary servants is committed to multiplying Christ-like leaders by serving Bible-believing local churches and training leaders so that the Hispanic world would eagerly take up the responsibility of the Great Commission for the Glory of Jesus Christ.

The Vision

Recognizing the powerful working of God in the Hispanic world ...

The Hispanic world has suffered in spiritual darkness and oppression for millennia, but in recent times the Spirit has been working to open many hearts to the Gospel. Through God’s providence, many souls are being reached and bible-believing churches are being planted. Both Anglo and Hispanic, servants are being called, trained, and sent to reap the harvest in God’s mission field.

Our Identity

... MGMI team of Spirit-led, biblically fundamental Baptist missionary servants ...

According to 1 Corinthians 12, a Spirit-led team, is a group of people with different gifts and roles that are controlled by the Spirit of Christ, animated by the love of Christ, and who work to spread the knowledge of Christ. We recognize and appreciate our differences while striving for unity of purpose and fellowship in service.

We are biblically fundamental Baptists in our attitude, doctrine, and practices. We are committed to the glory of Christ as our preeminent goal and to the Scriptures as the final authority for both faith and practice. We believe that His glory is more important thant building an organization or achieving apparent success in this world. We strive to love the people of the world as He did while being willing to experience the opposition of the world system that denies Jesus Christ His rightful place in people’s hearts and lives.

We hold to the fundamental doctrines of the Christian Faith. For close and abiding ministry partnership, we are baptistic in our practice, and premillennial and pretribulational in our eschatology. We are committed to the orthodox Biblical doctrines of salvation without any prior commitment either to Calvinism or Arminianism. We do not believe that the Bible requires a particular textual position or mandates any particular translation. Our full doctrinal statement can be found here.

We believe in and practice separation from worldliness in our personal lives as well as separation from false teachers and disobedient brethren in our ecclesiastical associations. We seek to be personally pious, loving and kind in attitude, yet firm in resisting error. MGMI is a servant of the local church, and we believe we should defer whenever the matter in question is not a clear Scriptural teaching.

A missionary is a trustworthy person who is sent on a mission. We try to be worthy of God’s calling sends us out to work for him. A servant puts the interests of others above his own. As servants of Christ, our goal is to put the interests of Christ, the churches, and each other above our own goals and selfish pursuits.

Our Mission

... training leaders ...

Future leaders must be discovered through zealous evangelism and diligent discipleship. The leaders of tomorrow may be in your neighborhood right now.

MGMI is committed to developing spiritual leaders that are mature, having experienced spiritual growth both in their personal lives as well as in their preparation for ministry. Leaders should be thoroughly trained in practical ministry skills through mentoring and participation in a variety of local church ministries. A leader should also be trained academically through rigorous, balanced theological study that equips the preacher to properly study, interpret, and preach the whole counsel of God from Genesis to Revelation. The Ebenezer Bible College in Hermosillo (Instituto Práctico Ebenezer y Seminario, IPES) was founded by MGMI to provide this kind of training. The school also has a graduate seminary that offers Master’s degrees through both onsite and distance education courses to Spanish-speaking pastors throughout Latin America.

As the Hispanic mission field matures, more Hispanic leaders are being trained and deployed, with these leaders going back into their own cultures to be positive witnesses for Christ.

Our Methodology

... by serving Bible-believing local churches ...

MGMI is committed to the establishment of new churches, both in the United States and in Spanish-speaking countries. Our aim is to motivate English-speaking churches to reach out to their Spanish-speaking community and to equip to them do that by helping with demographic research, language resources, and by helping them to identify potential leaders for their Spanish-speaking ministries.

Our Goal

... so that the Hispanic world would eagerly take up the responsibility of the Great Commission

When fully trained Hispanic believers are committed to the whole truth of the Bible and have developed the mission vision themselves, we will then entrust to the Spanish-speaking church the responsibility of carrying the Great Commission forward. It could be that just as the mission vision began in England and saw tremendous advances in America, the next great wave of world evangelization could be carried out by Spanish-speaking believers that have entrance into countries and places that, for cultural and political reasons, are barred to Americans.

Our Motivation

... for the Glory of Jesus Christ.

The whole purpose of everything we do at MGMI is not for our own advancement or self-aggrandizement, but only so that Christ should be praised and magnified throughout the world. Truly He is the only one worthy to receive glory.