MGM International
Multiplying Leaders for the Great Hispanic Harvest

Church Planting and Strengthening

MGMI’s church planting and strengthening efforts currently operate in Mexico and among Hispanics in the United States. MGMI has worked to plant churches in the Mexican States of Sonora and Sinaloa. In the United States, our efforts have primarily centered in equipping, mobilizing, and supporting the efforts of Bible-believing churches to reach out to their Hispanic neighbors.

Church Planting is in our blood.

MGMI has a long history of Mexican church planting (see Our History). The ministry began in 1930 as a church plant among the Mexican population of central Phoenix (the Mexican Evangelical Church). Over the years it has reached out through a variety of church planting endeavors. These have included the planting of the Westpointe Baptist Church, a congregation begun in the West Valley of Phoenix by English-speaking members of the the “mother church.” Westpointe is pastored by Dick Mercado, Jr., current board member of MGMI. Along with the ministry of the Ebenezer Bible College in Hermosillo, Mexico, the ministry founded the Iglesia Bautista Emanuel (Emanuel Baptist Church). That church has since planted several daughter churches and even has a number of “granddaughter” missions. Students and staff alike of Ebenezer are actively involved in church ministry, with many participating in active church plants. With the assumption of the ministry of Fe y Acción (Faith and Action), MGM became actively involved in church planting ministries in Sinaloa, Mexico. Currently there are several indigenous churches in the Culiacán area, pastored by Mexican leaders. In addition, Tap Hornor is currently church planting in the city of Alhuey. Our burden is to see the planting of many churches in the cities and towns of Sinaloa.

Church planting is essential to our strategy.

Because of the rapid spread of the Gospel and the planting of new churches in Mexico and in much of Latin America, we believe that the time is ripe to focus on the importance of multiplication of the work there. In particular, like the Apostle Paul who continued to strengthen churches after he planted them and who worked hard to develop a next generation of leaders, we believe we must place a great emphasis on strengthening the Mexican churches and multiplying Mexican leadership. Essential to this strategy is church planting. On the one hand, the training of leaders requires that there be growing, vibrant church plants so that students do not become simply stale and academic. Therefore church planting, whether led by American missionaries or by local church planters, are essential for the well-rounded development of students. On the other hand, the production of genuine, Great-Commission leaders will result in the great expansion of church planting throughout Latin America.

A special opportunity in the United States

Many American churches are finding large Hispanic population centers developing near them. This is an ideal opportunity to facilitate evangelism, discipleship, church planting, and leadership preparation among this population group. MGM is passionate about helping pastors and churches take advantage of this opportunity through the provision of advice and information. In addition some of our MGM team members and partners are working to facilitate the Great Commission among the approximately 50 million American Hispanics. See our Resources page for more information about how we can be of help to you.