MGM International
Multiplying Leaders for the Great Hispanic Harvest

Leadership Development

In order to fully pass the baton to Latin American and Hispanic churches, MGMI is committed to the vital task of putting the necessary theological tools into the hands of present and future ministry leaders. The theological education arm of the ministry includes the Ebenezer Bible College, a four-year institution in Hermosillo, Mexico that trains young men and women for Christian leadership and service. In addition MGMI is developing a multifaceted ministry of distance learning for both present and future ministry leaders. Past and present theological education programs have taking place in various countries, including The Dominican Republic, Mexico, Bolivia and Peru. There are open doors to provide similar training in a number of other countries as well. The goals of these programs are to strengthen the theological knowledge and ministry skills of faithful pastors and other leaders and to help the Latin American churches eventually have the full capacity to prepare their own ministry leaders.