MGM International
Multiplying Leaders for the Great Hispanic Harvest

Training Leaders

If Spanish-speaking believers are to carry the gospel not just to their own people but to the world, then Hispanic leaders must be properly trained so that they remain true to the Scriptures. MGMI is passionate about equipping both present and future Hispanic leaders with the theological tools they will need to confront error and to carry on the training of others.

The theological education arm of the ministry includes the Ebenezer Bible College and Seminary (Instituto Práctico Ebenezer y Seminario, or IPES) in Hermosillo, Mexico. This four-year college trains young men and women for Christian leadership and service. It started offering post-grad classes to pastors and leaders who wanted further training, and that program developed into a seminary offering a Master of Ministry degree as well as a Master’s degree in Bible Teaching. Many of the current administration and teachers at the school are Mexicans who graduated from the college themselves.

Dr. Shumate and other MGMI missionaries have travelled to teach in other Latin American countries, including The Dominican Republic, Bolivia, Uruguay, Costa Rica, and Peru. Now, after many years of faithful service in Mexico teaching at the college and developing its graduate program, Dan Wokaty is heading up the TEAM Mobile Seminary (website, Facebook), which provides national pastors with theological training through block courses and helps them connect to distance education resources. Many pastors in Latin America have neither the financial resources nor the time to travel away from their ministries for study. TEAM Mobile Seminary focuses on meeting their educational need, giving them the tools they need to effectively train their own countrymen.

TEAM Mobile Seminary’s goal is to strengthen the theological knowledge and ministry skills of faithful pastors and leaders, and to train those in Latin America who will be training the next generation of leaders for God’s glory.