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Multiplying Leaders for the Great Hispanic Harvest


The resources below have value but MGMI does not necessarily endorse all content or stated positions.

Church Planting Resources

National Conference on Hispanic Outreach (NCHO): Encouraging and Equipping Hispanic leaders by networking, interacting, and sharing resources.

US Census Bureau: Contains a wealth of demographic information. The data and analysis currently available is from the 2010 census. Census data for 2020 will be added as it is compiled. This is a very powerful tool for developing outreach strategies. Especially useful is the Census data tool,

Pew Hispanic Center: a non-profit educational organization that researches the Hispanic population. They cover demographics, economics, politics, religion, and many other topics as they relate to the U.S. Hispanic population.

The importance of Reaching the Generations

The Exchange: A ministry that provides evangelistic tracts and Bible studies in both English and Spanish, as well a mobile app that can either help someone present the gospel or help an interested person to understand the gospel.


Teaching English Language Learners the Good News: this is not a curriculum but a guide for church based ESL ministry.

Intercambio: Comprehensive resources and training to begin ESL classes (not Bible based).

Connections: This is a Bible based curriculum.

Learning Spanish

Many local libraries have language learning programs (for example, Rosetta Stone, Mango Language, Duolingo) that you can access free online with your library card account.

Destinos (free): Designed for adult learners, Destinos provides listening and speaking practice at an intermediate to advanced level. Presented as a drama with 30 minute lessons that focus on grammar and vocabulary and give exposure to different regional accents.

Health Care Spanish (free): This resource has anatomical terms in both languages as well as common instructional pharases and resources to help cross the cultural barriers to good health care.

Spanishland Schools (some free, some $): Many resources for learning Spanish.


Spanish learning podcasts can help you improve your listening and comprehension skills while teaching you some vocabulary and grammar in a natural, functional way. These are not produced by Christians so not all content may be acceptable. These podcasts are free but many are also produced to advertise their commercial products.

  • Duolingo
  • Spanish from Scratch
  • Spanishland School podcast: a 10 minute podcast with Spanish grammar and usage tips
  • EspaƱolistos: a 30 minute podcast focused on building listening comprehension at intermediate or advanced level. Topics include Spanish language but also discuss many other areas to build vocabulary.
  • Spanish for Your Job: 15 minute podcast to help you communicate effectively at your job with Spanish speakers. It analyzes typical conversations in many different job settings.
Church Music

Spanish Hymnals

Hispanic Culture

An article about general cultural differences between Anglos and Hispanics. Be sure to read down to the green infographic.

Two articles about which term to use, Latino, Hispanic, or Chicano.