MGM International
Multiplying Leaders for the Great Hispanic Harvest

MGM International Team

Front row: Diana Hornor, Jackie Cochran, Linda Shumate, Janine Fox, Denise Hornor, Opal Wokaty, Gail Ereddia, Lizzy Villalobos, Josefina Diaz. Back row: Brian Hornor, Ron Cochran, Wesley Barley, David Shumate, Tap Hornor, Dan Wokaty, Marco Zapien, Samuel Zapien, Ivan Villalobos, Eric Diaz, Jacinto Aguilar. Not pictured: Rebecca Aguilar, Bacilio and Eunice Alfaro, Amanda Barley, Alan and Bella Lund, Richard L. Mercado, Ana Zapien.

MGMI is a mission agency whose team members have dedicated themselves to God’s service through evangelizing Hispanics and training them to carry the gospel to others. God has led some to minister in Mexico while some work in Hispanic communities in the United States.

The team members in the field are supported by the administrative staff in the Phoenix home office (also missionaries) as well as by the experienced pastors and leaders on the Board of Directors who assist the General Director by providing accountability and by guiding policy.